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There is no shortage of elevator manufacturers. And we can no longer count the types of elevators. But for anyone looking for a customized elevator solution, or a service partner capable of supporting different makes and models, there is only one address in Mauritania. We look forward to sharing our experience, our know-how and our versatility with you in the near future.


Lift service is a company specializing in the installation, maintenance and modernization of elevators, freight elevators and escalators.

We install your elevators, hoists and escalators, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Lift service works on everything in Mauritania and nearby regions soon.

Above all, we put at your service our knowledge acquired from the world leaders in lifts and freight elevators.

Lift service is also an advisory or maintenance service for your freight elevators or any type of vertical transport.

This is why our desire is to establish a real bond of trust with our customers, through an ethic of transparency, listening and respect for commitments.

Do not hesitate any longer and consult us for all your freight elevator needs or any type of vertical transport